Using different techniques of Few-shot Learning

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning have started occupying a big part of human lives and have an extensive range of applications in various sectors such as space, health care, automobile industry, etc., Few decades ago, the ability of the Artificial Intelligence was restricted by the lack of data, limited resources to handle data, and computation power. Now, we have the capability to overcome all the restrictions.

The ultimate goal of AI is to outperform the abilities of human beings in any given task. Undoubtedly, for this, it is necessary to have large, balanced and…

What is PageRank?

PageRank is the method of measuring the relative importance of a web page in the World Wide Web. It provides a rank for each web page based on its association with other pages in the network.


How to calculate PageRank in Python?

NetworkX is the package available for Python to create graph structures, calculate PageRank, total nodes, total edges in a page, and understand the web.

Inlink: The number of web pages with the link pointing to the web page taken into consideration.

Outlink: The number of web page links available on the web page taken into consideration.

Both Inlink and Outlink affect PageRank value. In…


The process of transferring the knowledge of human-level
understanding of human interactions into a machine is the concept of
Natural Language Processing.

Human interactions hold huge information, involving various topics, tones, words, emotions, given that the interpretation differs vastly according to the geographical location and culture, thus resulting in a massive amount of data.

Problem with conventional Machine Learning Models

The set of unstructured/unlabeled data are difficult to be processed by
machines, requiring extensive efforts, and varied models. It also requires higher computation power, more time, and handcrafting the features through careful analysis.

Some of the conventional machine learning models like Naïve Bayes,
decision tree along with…

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